Friday, October 4, 2019


If you have never created a website or blog from scratch, it is likely that you have not encountered these terms that often sound like Chinese. However, with this post we have the firm intention to clear all your doubts before buying a hosting and domain for the first time.

What is a hosting?

The hosting or web hosting is a storage service of information (files, images, emails, videos ...) on the World Wide Web, also known as: Internet. Or in simpler words, it is what allows us the information of a web to be available to everyone from an Internet connection.

There are many companies that offer this service, so you will have to assess the current and future needs of the project to contemplate all the possibilities and hire the most appropriate one. There is free hosting and donation, only valuable for bloggers without business pretensions, and services focused on companies such as: shared hosting, virtual servers, dedicated servers and hosting in the cloud or cloud hosting.

What is a domain?

An Internet domain is an identification that is associated with an IP address, which points to a specific information or web. Therefore, our webs without domain would be IP addresses really hard to remember. For example: would be, an IP that can also be associated with several websites.

It is necessary to differentiate between what is the name of the domain (Example:, the name of top-level domain (Example: .com) and the URL or uniform resource locator (Example: http: //www.academiadeconsultores. com/).

It is also important to know that there are different types of domains:

Top-level or generic (gTLD) domains: .com (commercial site), .org (non-profit organization), .net (Internet service company), .info (information site) and .biz (business site) ).
Geographic domains (ccTLD): .es (Spain), .mx (Mexico), .ar (Argentina), .co (Colombia) ...
Third level domains:,,,, ...
[mk_highlight text = "IMPORTANT! Do not launch to buy the domain too fast, probably the hosting plan that you hire includes the registration of a free domain. "Style =" default "]

5 things you must do before buying a hosting and domain

1.Choose the domain of the web. This will depend on whether it is a business that is limited to a specific country or global, as well as its nature. We usually opt for the company name with the extension .es or .com, or we even buy both to redirect each other. You can also opt for newer ones such as .shop although for your little use your clients may be confused when looking for you.

2.In case the domain you want to use is already in use you can try to negotiate with the owner to buy it, or change its name. Undoubtedly, the second option is probably the fastest and most effective

3.Analyze with a professional the needs of our project: space, bandwidth, operating system, reliability and availability, and security level.

4.Additional services offered by the hosting company: it is likely that your company has a complete computer team with knowledge in development and systems, but you can also meet a fantastic designer-programmer with low knowledge in systems, security ... In this case , you may have to consider hiring additional services to your hosting company to ensure a smooth operation of the web.

5. Customer service: the proper functioning of the contracted hosting depends on whether our company is online or not, and therefore, good customer service and availability can be critical, especially for businesses such as online stores.

In conclusion, buying a hosting and domain involves a careful decision making process that not only depends on the chosen provider, but also on the specific needs of the project that will have to be evaluated first before the contracting.


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