Friday, October 4, 2019


In the United States there are many variety of cheap hotels that can accommodate our budget. The ideal is to save and not pay large sums of money when you travel to the United States or if you travel from one city to another in the same country.

We must accommodate our budget to not spend more than budgeted at the time of making a trip.

Information about United States
What remains today to say of the United States? A lot and nothing at the same time. The world superpower of the last two centuries, with all the good and the bad that entails. The country of countries that has decisively starred in modern history, knowing how to build an "invented" nation with the illusion of all those who were looking for a new home. And a copy of ideals, joint work and much effort to become the best, forged what we know today as the United States, and what many still call "The land of opportunities".

This has been welcoming people from all over the world, reaching the more than 300 million Americans who are concentrated mainly in large mega-cities spread along the east and west coasts. Cities of towering skyscrapers immortalized hundreds of times in films like New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas or Washington, the capital.

Even so, being the leader always means being in the eye of the hurricane, and behind all those values ​​that accompanied the creation of the United States are a whole series of controversies such as racism, imperialism disguised as extreme capitalism, the extinction of cultures indigenous or the questionable operations of the CIA, among many other injustices that are blamed on the United States. However, the ambition to be the first gave so many wonderful fruits that modern society can not but thank, from the space race of NASA, to the computer or Internet.

And culturally, the United States has been more than any other country a world reference. Music, cinema, theater, television and shows in general have been absorbed by the North American power to catapult it to the whole world, generating a collective imaginary of leisure. The modern Babel that represents this vast country of almost 10 million square kilometers has given birth, in turn, to key movements such as jazz, blues or rock and roll. Great personalities from all walks of life also emerge from this great nation, idols for the masses who became cult legends, like Elvis Presley himself. And with the industrial mentality of the United States, empires have also been built, such as that of cinema in Hollywood or technology in Silicon Valley


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